Shake Safe Picture Hooks – 10 single, 5 triple.

Shake Safe Picture Hooks – 10 single, 5 triple.

  • $14.95

This pack contains 10 single-nail hooks and five triple-nail hooks, with brass tipped knurled annealed nails.

Each single hook will hold up to 13kg, and each triple hook up to 45kg weight (assuming correctly nailed into timber!) Many pictures and wall hangings have jumped out of their hooks during earthquakes and caused damage and injury. These hooks have a security clip which prevents this from happening.

A magnitude 7 earthquake releases about 30 times more energy than a magnitude 6 shake, and about a thousand times more than a magnitude 5! All that energy has to go somewhere – horizontally and vertically.

Framers will tell you how much business they get after a good earthquake from people whose pictures have flown off the wall.